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Cape Gardens Full Day
For a gardener, amateur or professional, this tour is a must. Experience the beauty of some outstanding Cape gardens!

Our tour starts with a visit to Vergelegen, probably the most attractive of South Africa's "stately homes". A classic Cape Dutch house - said to have been too luxurious for any man to live in - it's glory is the walled octagonal garden in the English Country style. It is also home to South Africa's only living Historical Monument, as well as one of the best winefarms.

If you never thought a fruit and vegetable garden can be a thing of beauty, think again as we visit a recreation of the original Dutch East India Company's garden - the reason for Cape Town's existence - laid out over 8 hectares.

Kirstenbosch, one of the world's leading Botanical Gardens, is the final stop on this garden tour. Approximately 55 hectares of it's 497 hectares, have been laid out in flowing gardens to promote the preservation of South Africa's indigenous floral heritage. There are over 4000 species of plants for you to discover, including the "living fossils".

Kirstenbosch gardens are always represented at the annual Chelsea Flower show - winner of numerous gold awards.

It is at it's colourful best in September and October with the wild, Spring-flowers in full riotious colour, but there is always lots to see throughout the year - the diversity is a tribute to "Mother Nature" - and where more fitting to find this, but in the "Mother City".

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